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I just finished running a test cyp cycle for the last 10 weeks at 400 mg per week spread out over two shots. Had nice gains (for me) of about 12 lbs. Before anybody fires back with a bunch of meat head comments about how I dont know anything, remember, that is why I am posting. I am trying to find a more knowledgeable person than the person I have now.

Stats- 37 yrs old, 5'10',currently 193lbs. Been training since junior high pretty regularly. Played college football Div 1 so I am athletic and still have a very athletic build. Just wanted to bulk it up a little.

Whats the ideal length on and off going forward? One thing that worried me was my Tes levels were at 530 before my cycle. Three weeks after they are now at 980 and I have been taking clomid. Not sure on the dosage though, sorry. Have access to anything so please advise on what to do next time.

Golas- Just keeping a super athletic look. Not body building at all. Want to keep safe on everything I do. Thanks for any replys!!

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A conservative approach toward time between cycles would usually say "length of cycle equals time off cycle". However, testosterone cypionate is VERY easy on your liver numbers, and many muscleheads take it almost year round. That is not to say that there are not considerations such as testicular atrophy, hair loss and possible gyno to worry about though, so if you are smart, at least in my humble opinion, you will indeed take an amount of time off at LEAST 50% of the time you were on, along with a reasonable pct. Hope that helps!

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Time on = Time off safest way to go about it

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