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Training After Surgery
a large variety
I hear many people that won't exercise a day in their lives if they can spend time doing nothing and still they are in perfect health and others that have gone through surgeries and can't wait to ...
by Sue
Making Space And Time For Yourself
Computer treadmill
I have written quite a lot here about fixing your work out into your day, and making it happen even if you are extremely busy or have kids, even if that means multi tasking it into your day. As ...
by Sue
by Kebsis
I have been running around like a mad person in a rat race over the passed couple of weeks and haven't had time to eat properly. Instead of snacking on junk, which is the easiest in situations like ...
by Sue
Mama and Baby Exercises
A great take on the boring on squat is to jazz it up a bit with various feet positions, thus strengthening different muscles as you go. Jamie Atlas (who has a really interesting and diverse fitness ...
by Sue
Core Exercises For the Fit
I have slipped a disk in my back again, which I am sure, anyone who has ever experienced this can tell you it sucks. I have been looking for good exercises to ease into slowly and so some serious ...
by Sue
Fitness for The People in China.
This is from the Guardian via Smarter Fitter Every morning, shortly after sunrise, this former factory worker and up to two thousand mostly retired Chinese descend on Ditan Park in the city's ...
by Sue
Do You Walk
I have been feeling really bad about not liking to run. I don't like to run. Never have. But there is something so romantic about thinking about running, and I like to imagine myself running, and ...
by Sue
Fitness Video
As apposed to the previous post I wrote about working fitness into your every day activities, this video is completely different. I like the parallels between the tool world, which I love, ...
by Sue
NEPA (NON Exercise Physical Activity)
A Little while ago I wrote a post called Mama and Baby exercise about how you can exercise while you baby is in a carrier, which is pretty much the way I spent the first months with my ...
by Sue
Do You Dress For Your Workouts?
running clothes
How particular are you about what you were for working out? I am not very particular at all. A lot of my workouts I do at home, so it certainly not about looking good, its a lot more about being ...
by Sue
Benefit's Of Weight Training
Yet another great article about the benefit's of weight training both health and weight wise from Women's Health magazine. Nothing that I didn't already know there, but written really will, with a ...
by Sue
Avoiding Plataeu's
Fitness Fixation posted an interesting post about leaving your comfort zone while exercising and daring yourself and challenging yourself to more, always pushing a bit further and a bit harder ...
by Sue
The Wave
the wave
A lot has been said here and elsewhere about fitness gadgets and how necessary or even efficient they are. I can live without most of them, for the most part, but I also believe in adding interest ...
by Sue
How to Deal with DOMS
Mark from Daily Apple explores DOMS delayed onset muscle soreness, what cause it and how to deal with it. Worth a read :-)
by Sue
Gym Toys
A while ago a did a post about Buying workout equipment from informercials, which I myself don't do. I am however a gadet lover, and love to fantisize about haveing all the lastest and greatest of ...
by Sue
Essential Gear?
Are you the type of person who buys hope and funny infomercial exercise equipment? if so, you owe it to yourself to read this post on Fitness Fixation, and if you aren't that person, you can pop over ...
by Sue
Structured Exercise For Toddlers - Yes or No?
When I think of the need to be fit for health reasons, I always think of my husband and myself, on how we are reaching that certain age, on how our bodies are not as resilient as they were when we ...
by Sue
Are Fitness Rules Forever?
Every now and then we should stop and take time to check our belief systems and the paradigms we live by. Maybe, we will find out that they are not necessarily true, and that there is an alternate ...
by Sue
Do You Have a Hidden 6 Pack?
Back on the six pack track again, This time with a completely new (to me) theory that claims that everyone has a six pack, and in order for it to be visible one needs to deal with the excess tummy ...
by Sue
Body Weight Art
I am not writing as much as I used to, nor am I exercising all that much right now due to my lower back pain. I have discovered that I only have 4 vertebrae in my lower back in stead of five, which ...
by Sue
Forget About the 6 Pack Abs
I have a serious quarrel with the quest for the 6 pack abs.Not that I don't thing having a strong abdomen is important. I do. Not that I wouldn't be happy to have a tightly packed tummy again. I ...
by Sue
On Magazines and Dry Fruit
Stephanie from Back in Skinny Jeans wrote a post about Women's magazines content, but from an unusual view point. I agree with ever word - its about time that women magazines took a better and more ...
by Sue
Stretches For Lower Back Pain
I haven't written a whole lot lately, due to my back being out, the only thing that has been interesting me as far as fitness goes is getting back to a point where I can move freely, stop seizing up ...
by Sue
Jillian Michaels Fitness Ultimatum 2009
What do you think about this? Personally, I think it is fantastic, kinda like the combination of treadmill and TV... work out while you are sure you are really busy doing something else - ...
by Sue
Intense Cardio Interval Workout
This is a Cardio Body weight interval training workout, that needs absolutely no equipment. Watch out Lower back pain people, it seems to not be the right work out for you, but other than ...
by Sue
How Do You Work Out?
How do you work out?I have always done a warm up for a few minutes, then some form of cardio (I don't always do cardio separately, sometimes I combine it with strength training) and once I've done ...
by Sue
Can You Do Planks?
Great variations on the plank. I have never done pilates, I am more of a yoga person, but it seems to me, from what I know, that if you are a yoga person, chances are you will enjoy ...
by Sue
Two For The Price Of One
So we all like bargains and two for one is my personal favorite, but I never thought to translate it to fitness, Maybe because I don't hate working out, in fact, I like it.I do find this bargain ...
by Sue
3 Reasons For Women To Train With Weights
Many people today are aware of the need to both eat a healthy diet and exercise in order to stay in shape. Both men and women frequent the gym often.Woman who work out regularly and eat well cant ...
by Sue
Why Water, and How To Increase Your Water Intake.
tiffany&nikkis pix 480
Life is one challenge after the next, and just when we have achieved on goal, we are met with the next one. Health and fitness being part of life, hopefully, are no different.In this world of ...
by Sue
Workout, Recycle and Accessories Your Home With One Great Idea
cd dumbbells
Loosing weight and keeping fit should be a regular normal part of our daily life, not something that we do in spurts and fits here and there.I prefer using the term "new life style" than diet - ...
by Sue
5 Time Olympian - Dara Torres, Inspirational Athlete.
dara torres
For those of you who are Unfamiliar with the Name Dara Torres is a 41 year old Olympic swimmer, and the 2008 games are her 5th time representing the USA in the Olympics. Her career spans 26 years ...
by Sue
Basic Ab Workout
All you need for ab work is your body and a little bit of time. 1. Start out with basic crunches. 2. Once you're able to do sets of 20 basic crunches, add some difficulty by doing knee to chest ...
by Sue
Richard Simmons Our Fitness Advocate
Richard Simmons, Fitness Expert and Advocate, testified before the Committee on Education and Labor at a hearing concerning childhood obesity and physical health and education on July 24, ...
by Sue
What is Fitness?
We are all very involved in getting fit. We blog about it, talk about it and think about it, but what is it exactly that we mean when we talk about fitness?Wikopedia says : Fitness may mean: The ...
by Sue
Do You Think This is Real??
Do you think this is for real? I am risking looking like an idiot here - but I can't believe this is for real. Really Amusing - maybe.... Really Something to keep away from - ...
by Sue
Free Yoga Site
yoga in nature
Fitness for mommies did a post about a yoga site called Yoga today who offer free yoga classes on line, daily. You can sign up for schedules or just excises with the videos that they already have ...
by Sue
The Impossible is Possible.
first picture
I have already mentioned obesity as one of the 21st century new killer diseases, and for someone who is obese (and you don't have to be huge to be defined obese) loosing weight is more often than not ...
by Sue
Are You Ready For Some StickHandling?
This is great workout for the arms and sholders and can make an interesting break or change from your regular workout schedule. Thank you Straight To the Bar for this video. You got to ...
by Sue

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