Bruce Lee Bench Press
There are many people where I work, two of them martial artists, who claim that Lee had bench pressed 500lbs. I find this hard to beleive considering elite Power-lifters at his body weight(with ...
by piesore
Portable weight bench question
I have a very small space in which to do weight exercises (ie my bedroom), and I would like a portal bench. Is there something that folds up so that it could be put in a closet? Thank you,
by DavidDrake
QUESTION: Proper form in doing flat bench press
Can anyone tell me the proper form in doing a flat bench press. I have been given many different techniques and not sure which is best. Where should the feet be placed?? Some say on the floor. Others ...
by 1212
Dumbell workout - bench a neccesity?
... nd do a 'light' workout while watching the news etc. How much 'less effective' is this than using a bench? I ...
by rojettafoxx
FS:Hex Dumbell Weights and Bench
Hi I have the following list fitness equipment I would like to sell hex dumbell pairs 15lbs $11.70 20lbs $15.60 25lbs $19.50 30lbs $23.40 35lbs $27.30 40lbs $31.20 45lbs $35.10 50lbs $39.00 55lbs ...
by Grogs1
Bench press: Do you count the bar?
quick dumb question... when people say I bench press 'so and so amount', do they include the weight of the bar? Because the bar I'm using at my gym has got to be around 40 pounds, if I include that, ...
by ip config
How to assembly legend 535 bench. Please show pic's. Can you show me some p...
How to assembly legend 535 bench. Please show pic's. Can you show me some pic's of legacy fitness legend 535 press bench.
by Daniel
Alternate bench assistance?
Can someone suggest a fun front delt bench assistance exercise other than front/plate raises as they make my elbows feel wonky. What if I did front raises with a barbell and elbows bent at an angle? ...
by breezhot
Fly or Bench press?
Just wondering which method is more preferable if hypertrophy of pec major is desired?
by Woodgate
APA bay state press pull, oct 5. 730lb bench!
I went to my first PL meet a week or so ago as a spectator. The APA bay state press & pull on October 5, 2002 in Northampton, MA. Pretty convient as it was a couple hundred feet from my house. Lots ...
by Big Blue
For Sale: Tuff Stuff Power Cage/Bench/Weights
I think the cost of travel plus the cost of the equipment would probably be more than the replacement cost. I'll stick to my gym. :-P
by heetrii
Chest exercise without bench?
I'm moving into a smaller house, and won't have room for my old weight bench. Can someone recommend a good chest exercise that I can do with dumbbells, besides bench presses or flyes? Or are there ...
by calgal415
Dumbbell bench press technique (a common alternative to simple bench)
There is next to no reason to do this. By the time your arms are straight, turning your wrists does jack to the prime movers (but might not be too cool for some with rotator problems).
by Woodgate
Pectoral dumbell exercises without a bench?
Are there any decent pec exercises you can do without a bench, or should I just stick to push ups? I was thinking something along the lines of a tricep kick, except laterally.. sort like a reverse ...
by imported_Adrian
Manual for York B500 Bench
I need part number for Backrest and Barbell Hooks to order spare parts
by Sat
Re: Alternating heavy days and light days - why?
There are many approaches to lifting. It frankly sounds like you know enough and are interested enough in all this to dispense with the trainer and experiment on your own, or at least discuss your ...
by rojettafoxx
Testosterone cypionate cycle
... on cycle for 7 weeks now...i have made pretty good gains my bodyweight went from 195 to 215 and my bench went from 365 to 415..but recently my numbers have begun to stabilize in strength and ...
by mpd10659
Re: Dumbell deadlift vs squat
I knew someone would disagree. I believe it was mens health I read this in a few years ago, that a study had showed a massive flood of blood serum testosterone when performing all three of the major ...
by Calius
Legacy International and technique pictures
Hello All, I've decided to get back into shape, hopefully like I was when I was in the Army but better. First: I have a Legacy Fitness Weight Bench WB-535 that I purchased about 5 years ago. And it ...
by Linda2
Re: Lifting after Pericarditis?
Some kinda 'I'm-not-getting-enough-carrot-cake' virus. Or maybe the dreaded 'Watson's-bench-isn't-****-enough' virus. Watson (the pencil neck) Davis
by paultrr
Re: Full body workout
Massive amounts of cardio make you massively hungry for carbohydrates. Heavy lifting raises your metabolism without the need for endless pasta and rice. I still do quite a lot of endurance athletics ...
by Lindy
Re: Single-Joint Isometrics and Joint Angle Specificity
... ill vary in biceps curls as much as much as (or more than) the tension in, say, a triceps muscle in bench press. However, the degree to which one ...
by Big Blue
Re: Total gym or Bowflex
Neither !! For the money you pay you could buy yourself a very nice bench and full set of dumbells which would be much better for you and last you a lifetime ! Nobody looks that good from using ...
by PaulMc Donagh
Training After Surgery
Tom,I'm 74 now and last year I did 3 Parallel Squats with 285, but I wasafraid to push the polyethlene prothesis any further. I switched over to narrow parallel squats on a Smith Machine, and I find ...
by Lloyd Johnson
Re: Shoulders
Soreness is a poor measure of the effectiveness of a workout. You can get stronger without getting sore, and you can get sore without getting stronger. Hence progress (at whatever your goal is, ...
by LUCIAN665
Dead-lifting question - a real one
... barbells? My husband and I work out both at home and at the gym. At home we've just got an incline bench and dumbbells. We need to buy larger sized ...
by PR-Text-Links beginner questions
I am pretty sure this has been asked before numerous times. Pardon me for the repetition. Here is the deal - I am going to gym 3 times a week and try to spend at least 45 to 60 minutes each day. I ...
by Skyfox 56
Is this good strength for a beginner?
I bet he could do a 200lb bench now if he employed powerlifter bench technique unless he is already. -Scott Johnson 'be a man ,stop looking for handouts , eat ,lift and shut your mouth' -John Carlo
by 0chas
Question on HST
I'm about to finish Korte's 3x3. I've been jumping around doing different things for years. I'm also still trying to regain some upper body strength I lost about a year and a half ago due to ...
by johnfoo
Re: Pulling my shoulders back
Add some weight to the sit ups or do them on a decline bench if those are flat sit ups. Good lower back/ab strength balance. I'm sure their more too. Deadlifts also work the traps holding the ...
by Barbara South
Re: DL for person w/ ex-dislocating shoulder missing pec muscle?
I think a visit to a physio or athletic therapist might be in order. You don't want to cause more damage. I suspect the shoulder issues might just be a lack of use after the operation and full ...
by paultrr
Re: Strength vs Endurance Training
... st short warmups or off. Just the general trend I've been noticing. Right now I'm doing: Sat: speed bench/long **** endurance day Sun: off Mon: ME squat Tue: intervals ...
by lilskank
Re: Loose Fat or Gain Weight? What to do?
You haven't even started lifting yet. Get started and hold your weight steady for a few months. Then you can decide based on the progress you're made. No need to worry about it now, imo. Lose fat not ...
by rojettafoxx
Re: OT: Iraq War Strategies
Armchair quarterbacks do their best work on the bench. It's the reality thing that messes them up.
by oscarferns
Re: Do you have knollage to put my Legacy Fitness 535 workout ma...
Please show me some pic's how to assembly my legend 535 press bench.
by Daniel
Re: How does a bodybuilder work 5 days a week?
Right now I squat, deadlift and bench at least four times a week each. If you're interested in hypertrophy I recommend: -Scott Johnson 'be a man ,stop looking for ...
by wopadfert
Re: Temporary(?) Workout Change-Up (Watson?)
The exercises you do depend on the exercises you've got available and like to do. The reps, sets, and rests depend on what you want to accomplish. A typical scenario might be: Day 1: Push Incline ...
by breezhot
Places to buy a power rack in NJ
Hi fellows, can anyone recommend places in nj to buy a good power rack along with utility bench? The typical sports authority and modells carry nothing but garbage. I made a mistake of buying a ...
by breezhot
Re: Opinion of cap FM-3141
That price seems high. Here's a link to a site with a bunch of places selling the bench set for $250 (sorry about the long link): ...
by Calius

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