Calories, calories, calories. (long)
... re metabolism? I mean, how to tell the difference between not losing because you're eating too many calories, and not losing because you're eating too few? We've seen lots of info about how many ...
by udpcfljgm
Re: What is a good dose of tes cypionate every week to build a g...
Quite honestly, your doc probably will not give you another vial at this point. Unfortunately you will prob have to come across the extra test some other way, because test doesn't really even kick ...
by TexasScott
Re: Golds Gym Juice Bar
I work at a Golds Gym and at ours there is a menu with the calorie carbs protein and fat listed for each smoothie. If yours doesn't have that go up and ask the people who make it and have a piece of ...
by Sarah
Dieting Basics and creating your own diet
How to calculate Your Daily Caloric Needs To calculate your BMR based on your total body weight (Harris-Benedict Formula) BMR= basal metabolic rate BMR (women) = 665 + (9.6 x weight in Kg) + (1.8 ...
by mockingbird
EPOC after two short cardio sessions vs. one long
'One study has shown that performing two 15-minute aerobic exercise sessions a day produce a much higher EPOC reading than one 30-minute session. In this study diet and exercise intensity were ...
by adrewscudera
Re: How can i get in shape..?
Right, you don't want to look like Arnold or anything. You already have a six-pack, you just have to strip away fat for it to show. You have to change your muscle:fat ratio. This is done through ...
by dagger29
Re: HST: Strategic Deconditioning and Diet.
Congratulations. You're probably either overestimating your caloric needs OR you're underestimating your caloric intake. If you were at a 500 calorie a day deficit, you'd be losing more weight. First ...
by dagger29
Re: 50 year old male needs diet/training advice
... an app on the Iphone called lose it. its covers it pretty well although I was pretty much watxhing calories... How much of a sampling would you like? DO you have a seugessted ...
by topcfp
How about a when bulking?
Just finished a two-month period of bulking, gaining about 15 pounds. Biggest problem for me was not sticking to workout schedule- it was EATING all that damned food! I was sitting on the ragged edge ...
by lakshnarayan
Re: 3 Sets or 1 to failure?
Rest between sets depends on your goals. Since you mentioned playing rugby, I'll assume your focus is strength and not getting any bigger, in which case I'd take longer rests. The longer you rest, ...
by attcas
Re: HST Diet
Amen. I'm a (roughly) 160-lb man. I was eating 3500-4000 calories/day and seeing a weight gain of only maybe 1 pound a week. It was actually unpleasant to eat that much.
by sruthisupriya
Re: Weight Training and Running the Same Day
... COMPLETELY agree with tractors....If you're wanting to add muscle, you're burning up all the excess calories you NEED to make the muscle by running that much. Muscle hypertrophy NEEDS an excess of ...
by TexasScott
Re: Visible abs all year long?
Define ultra lean. i know it's not healthy to be at This may be true but that body fat level is likely lower than can reasonably be maintained by most people. I believe that for a man that anything ...
by LUCIAN665
Help! Post Testostrone Cycle, Kickstarting natural T and keeping gains Help!
I'm 20 years old and 6''1. Started Test cycle of 500mg per week (250 twice a week) 7 weeks ago, I have 3 weeks (6 injections) left and I'm wandering about post cycle and how to get my natural levels ...
by Jon32mkay
Re: Loose Fat or Gain Weight? What to do?
You can go either way but based upon what you have said I would recommend the strategy of increasing your muscle mass first. I say this because you acknowledge that you have very little muscle. Of ...
by Big Blue
Getting ripped -- low carb diet?
Hi, Here's my situation, 29yo male 6'6 tall 225lbs. I would describe myself as reasonably lean, but am carrying a bit around the middle (I think I'm around 15%). I want to lose enough fat to get my ...
by Grogs1
Re: Stimulating appetite?
While the specifics may be a bit over the top, the general advice isn't bad. More highly refined foods (higher on the glycemic index, less fiber, more sugars) are easier to overconsume than the ...
by PaulMc Donagh
Re: Weight gain
How many calories is that? The most people who claim that they eat 'like a horse/pig' do not eat as much food as they think they are eating. Use or a similar service to keep a log ...
by Calius
Drining lots of water decreases calorie absorption???
Someone told me that if I consumed a LOT of water throughout the day that my body would absorb less calories/nutrients. Is this true? I generally drink quite a bit of water anyways, so I was ...
by limey
Re: Is the fat used in nitro tech is of pork? Or it is soya been oil
... contains cholesterol which doesn't exist in any vegetable fat. See here: ...
by jade
Eat before or after?
... unch these days. But I read an article that said if you lift too soon after eating you'll just burn calories, you won't tone or build muscle. This isn't too big a problem as I do have some ...
by rohankrishna
Re: My routine
... Krista, for the feedback. I, in fact, have been trying to eat more (protein shake, 5 meals, lots of calories etc). I think my daily calories are around 2500 more or less. I couldn't load up ...
by picton
Re: One exercise or circuits
That's good exercise. The question is whether you feel leg strength could ever become your weakness in your activities. How about front squats? Without having to press the weight, you can handle ...
by adrewscudera
Re: R-ala? Lyle, Elzi?
That to my mind you really only need that supplement if you eat a lot of US beef and drink a great deal of US milk. Since it is only in beef and milk and is simply a component in fat that helps your ...
by swasta
Re: Gaining weight w/o the carbs???
More calories?
by Moriarty, MD
Couldnt finish workout. carbs?
... to complete it. I suspect that a carbohydrate deficiency is to blame. I had previously only counted calories and protein. Perhaps I ...
by orphia nay
Re: Do you need to feed fat? Nutrition per measure of body weight
The key phrase here is, 'if you know your body fat percentage'. This is not easy to measure accurately. Even if you could measure it very accurately, there are different types of lean tissue that ...
by swasta
Re: Peanut butter
1) No. 2) If you take in more calories than you burn on a regular basis and continue to do so to the point of becoming so grossly obese that you are unable to fit through the bedroom door, requiring ...
by Daejii
Re: Losing weight
Easy. All you need to do is burn approx. 7500 calories per day more than you eat. BTW Make sure your Will is up to date.
by sruthisupriya
Re: Losing fat/gaining muscle
This generally sounds good, although the 1600 calories per day may be just a tad high. Yeah, if the 2300 calories per day were right. The usual rule of thumb is 14 x weight for maintenance (to be ...
by dagger29
Post workout drink advice/ Where to buy supplements?
... I heard that carbs is most important at that time. I saw this drink in the store that had like: 380 calories, 35g ...
by Linda2
Velveta Shells and Cheese
I've been eating a box of the stuff for lunch once or twice per week in place of two chicken breasts. I need a very high calory diet (Probably around 3,000) to gain muscle and one box of this stuff ...
by elbmod
Re: Gaining muscle as a newbie
luck. So you're saying I should be eating 2600 calories per day? That's almost
by PR-Text-Links
Re: Beginner
Anything liquid will be good. Energy drinks, shakes etc. It is much faster, may contain much more calories and you can have much more of anything when drinking it instead of eating.
by jade
Re: I am just starting out
If you're just starting out, I wouldn't start worrying about supplements at this point, especially if your diet is already rich with protein and complex carbs. The added protein will become an issue ...
by TexasScott
Re: Fat loss with minimal specific-area muscle loss?
... mportant Make sure you know what you are taking in. Get about .9g/lb of body weight in protein, 20% calories from fat and the rest in carbs mostly from vegies and fruits and not ...
by dagger29
My schedule/workout plan
I'm 22, male, 5'7' and about 175 pounds. I've been going to the gym for about a year trying to lose weight and I can see improvements (bigger muscles, weight more from muscle than fat, unlike a year ...
by limey
Re: ?
... rily. Look at it this way, to lose fat, you pretty much have to get yourself into a state where the calories you're ingesting are less than the calories you need. And you're probably going to lose ...
by paultrr
Counting flaxseed oil in calorie log
That's because fiber is included in the carb total, but it isn't digestible so contains no effective calories (and produces no glucose, etc.) Have I told you that I hate you?
by imported_Adrian
Re: Help!
Generally speaking, gaining muscle and losing fat are at odds with one another and are best pursued separately rather than at the same time. That being said, beginners can and often do accomplish ...
by lilskank

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