HST Diet
The diets suggested on the HST web site seem ridiculous. Is it humanly possible for a 160 lb. man to eat that much daily? 12 eggs a day? Is that even safe? I think I'd need a part-time job just to ...
by LUCIAN665
Getting ripped -- low carb diet?
Hi, Here's my situation, 29yo male 6'6 tall 225lbs. I would describe myself as reasonably lean, but am carrying a bit around the middle (I think I'm around 15%). I want to lose enough fat to get my ...
by Grogs1
50 year old male needs diet/training advice
been working out with a trainer for years now and am in good physical condition for my age. The main concern is bodyfat. I have been running between 19 and 22% for a while and want to get to sub 15. ...
by topcfp
Training Regimen and Diet Planning
I am a 25-year old male who had been skinny since the age of 15...and i am STILL SKINNY. I intend to take up bodybuilding but found materials ( books/web/magazines etc)on the subject often varied and ...
by 0chas
HST: Strategic Deconditioning and Diet.
Hi, I'm finishing my first HST cycle, most of which I was on diet. Weight loss was limited, only about 3 lbs in 8 weeks. I had few snaps in my diet. However, I definitly gained few pounds of muscles. ...
by Kebsis
Dieting Basics and creating your own diet
How to calculate Your Daily Caloric Needs To calculate your BMR based on your total body weight (Harris-Benedict Formula) BMR= basal metabolic rate BMR (women) = 665 + (9.6 x weight in Kg) + (1.8 ...
by mockingbird
Opinions on this diet/routine
8am: Protein pack (soon to be measured amounts of a high quality whey protein as soon as I get it), frozen rasberries, blueberries, strawberries, one banana, 24oz water, flax seeds, fiber, all in a ...
by Moriarty, MD
Adkins diet
I went on it for two weeks and really enjoyed it. I mean, it's really restrictive as far as food goes but I was never hungry. Right now I really want to concentrate on losing fat... but I do want to ...
by Chadwick
Re: Protein Shakes and headaches
I just searched this topic out because I too am having bad headaches after starting a high protein diet. I'm allergic to milk, so there's absolutely no whey or dairy in my diet. I'm also not ...
by Hugo31
New to this. I have been working hard with weights and have a clean diet (4...
New to this. I have been working hard with weights and have a clean diet (40/40/20) good carbs, no alcohol, everything is clean and timed for intake. In the last eight months I have cut approx. 20% ...
by Hard Work Ethic
Re: Losing gains after ending a Testosterone Cypionate cycle
Ok, so are you saying that your cycle is over? When was your last shot? You should get your hands on some clomid or nolvadex to run for post cycle. Might not be necessary, but increases the chances ...
by oscarferns
Re: Legendary Abs........does it work?
... the past 26 years, too! I really ripped up last year when I eliminated the wheat and sugar from my diet. I lost 15 pounds of visceral fat I didn't even knew I had! (Check out Dr. ...
by Jake C
Re: How fit are body-builders?
If you define 'fit' as low body fat then they do it by strictly monitoring their diet and by taking supplements/drugs designed to burn fat. If you define 'fit' as having a high level of ...
by lakshnarayan
Help with first test e cycle!!
Hey guys. Well.. after 6 years of strict diet and trainning i beleive im ready for my first cycle. Incase anyone is wondering. Mesomorph. Im 25 5'10 205lbs 12% bf. Okay. Im going crazy trying to ...
by Dikiy Chevoretskiy
Re: PCT For Test CYP and EQ
run the test 2 weeks longer than the eq 2 weeks after you have finished your test take 40mg nova ed and 50mg clomid ed for the first 2 weeks and then last 2 weeks lower the nova to 20mg and clomid to ...
by juiceeemachine
EPOC after two short cardio sessions vs. one long
... xercise sessions a day produce a much higher EPOC reading than one 30-minute session. In this study diet and exercise intensity were carefully controlled so that all were equal. ...
by adrewscudera
Re: I am looking t start a cycle on test c 250mg-twice aweek for...
When do you plan on running winstrol shouldn't be run without test. Also if water retention is a problem look at your carb intake but more importantly run an AI ( arimidex, or letro should be run on ...
by Fitlife1
Re: How can i get in shape..?
... ose the fat, you have to burn it anyway. With weight lifting you can add (muscle)weight. Maybe some diet changes are in order: less fat... Good ...
by imported_Adrian
Re: Muscle Maxx - advice please
... t they're expensive for their nutritional value. They can be a convenient way of supplementing your diet, but for you I'd recommend a see-food diet: when you see food, eat it. I can tell from ...
by imported_Andrew
Re: Leptin refeeds questions
I am no expert, but I have found all the things you are talking about ot be unimportant. I look at refeed days as mental health days. I eat whatever I want. I eat the foods that I miss. I just try ...
by FieryIce
Testosterone Cypionate Cycle
... estosterone cypionate for 6 weeks with proper post cycle therapy, a clean and healthy 3,500 colorie diet and solid workout ...
by The Mighty Thor
Re: 3 Sets or 1 to failure?
Rest between sets depends on your goals. Since you mentioned playing rugby, I'll assume your focus is strength and not getting any bigger, in which case I'd take longer rests. The longer you rest, ...
by attcas
Re: Im 18yr old weight 75kgs work out twice week
... producing enough testosterone of its own at this stage. what you really need to do is work on your diet and training. make sure you have grown to your full ...
by mockingbird
Re: How much weight will i gain on a 300mg a week 6 week cycle im 5ft 11 160
by Whogivsashit
Re: Fat guy getting back into weightraining: use creatine?
I wish. The first time I used creatine, it worked like gangbusters. The second time, it didn't work at all. I suspect that's because of improvements in my diet, but can't know for sure.
by Lil_princess_01
To people with fat Muscle....What do you Eat???
I want to have fat muscle. What does a fat muscled person's Diet consist
by imported_Adrian
Visible abs all year long?
how long can someone stay ultra lean for? i know it's not healthy to be at a certain body fat level for too long. also, to have your abs showing, at that body fat %, how long should someone hold out ...
by pieman
Loose Fat or Gain Weight? What to do?
Hey all I am 21 years old, i weigh 160,a dn I am 5'10... in the last year or 2 I have added alot of fat to my body and I am not very muscilar at all. I have love handles and some fat around my ...
by orphia nay
33 yrs, 185, athletic, docs cool so gave me fortesta took that for three mo...
33 yrs, 185, athletic, docs cool so gave me fortesta took that for three months, then complained that surfing was washing it off, so i have a 2,000 mg/ml of test cyp i want to get the most out of it ...
by Guest
Re: Stimulating appetite?
Seemed to work for you, if that lump on the side of' your handsome face is any indication. Ooops! Sorry, that's not blubber, it's your tongue planted firmly in your cheek. :-) Isn't this the patented ...
by Moriarty, MD
Re: Need advice on routine to both build muscle and loose fat from an expert!
Personally, I'd start with something like Krista's full body routine: IMO, to get the most bang for your buck, I'd use barbell rows instead of 1-arm db rows ...
by dfstevens
Yea, another one. New here so be easy, heh
Alright, first i know how to use a search function. But in this case, it is a case by case situation. First. Im a 24 year old male that lives on the beach. So naturally i want that "beach" body. I ...
by Vballmadness
Video req for stretching?
Okay, I'm getting good with the diet, the weights, and the cardio. The only thing I feel like I'm really missing is flexibility. I'm horribly inflexible. I pulled a hip flexor somewhere deep about ...
by ip config
Re: Anyone hear the news story about...New York gym death
Go read the story: it's alleged that she had hypertension, had been recommended to use diet pills by the trainer without discussion of risks, didn't feel well, and was advised to soldier on.
by Salamander
Re: Ketosis, muscle loss and strength
You LOSE (note spelling) muscle (or lean mass) along with fat pretty much whenever you lose weight. Well. There's several things going on here. 1. You can lose muscle and get stronger. Strength isn't ...
by pieman
Protein brands
I've been considering adding a protein suppliment into my diet and I have a few questions: 1. When and how does everyone prefer to take it
by imported_Adrian
Re: Newbie delurking for some questions about routine...
Why? I was under the impression that I should work muscles in groups, largest muscles to smallest. Is there a better way? And yes, I can do a chinup and I throw them around throughout my week but I ...
by adrewscudera
Re: One exercise or circuits
Don't forget: c) A mixture of the above. Usually circuits are used for endurance training. For awhile, people thought they might be better for fat loss but there's been no real proof of that. ...
by 0chas
Re: Gaining weight w/o the carbs???
A high carb diet is causing an increase in acne.
by pavon50
Re: Couldnt finish workout. carbs?
I find a low carb diet affects not only my energy in the gym, but muscular gains. Though, low carb does effect body fat levels. You may want to increase carbs a bit. Jeff
by lakshnarayan

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