Does anyone know how I can purchase Testosterone Cypionate (...

Does anyone know how I can purchase Testosterone Cypionate (BIO-TC250) in a safe discreet manner?

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There's really NO safe and discreet way of buying Test if you're here in the U.S.. The only safe way of getting test here in the states is if you get a doctor to prescribe you with testosterone for hormone replacement therapy. That is not actually as hard as it sounds, because MANY men have testosterone levels that are below what is "normal". Go have your doc check your test levels, and you might find it easier than you think! Thanks for posting!

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Getting test cyp is sometimes easier then you think. I'll tell you if you work out at any respectable gym. Not no little rinky dink establishment. The easiest way to get what you need is to talk to some of the biggest guys there. If your thinking how'd he get so big? your probably right but usually after a little time and patience they'll help you out. always worked for me.

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Guest has some testosterone for sale their legit i bought some synthetic cannabinoid and it did indeed come.

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