Pacific Fitness Zuma home gym - any opinions?
Am considering purchase. Would appreciate your opinion.
by lilskank
OT Arnold Schwarzeneggar ultimate in fitness
This post made no sense what so ever.
by PaulMc Donagh
Do you have knollage to put my Legacy Fitness 535 workout ma...
Do you have knollage to put my Legacy Fitness 535 workout machine together Gregory
by Guest
Fitness and body weight (girls)
My scale weighs more than your scale!!
by Tractors
How heavy is each weight plate on the Zuma home gym by Pacific Fitness ?
How heavy is each weight plate on the Zuma home gym by Pacific Fitness ?
by Guest
Where can I obtain assembly manuals for the Pacific Fitness ...
Where can I obtain assembly manuals for the Pacific Fitness Zuma exercise machine?
by Guest
Miami Gyms - FIGHT CLUB - Miami Fitness
Conveniently located in the heart of Miami, Fight Club is a fitness, lifestyle, and exercise facility complex with revolves around boxing, kickboxing and martial arts. Please visit our web site: ...
by Chadwick
Fitness Made Simple Videos?????
... Is his stuff any good for an older couple just wanting to trade in our 'conventional' six pacs for 'fitness' six pacs? Got all the weight equip., just looking for a regimen we can easily follow and ...
by Chadwick
Delta fitness home gym
Hi ive just purchased a second hand delta multi gym without instructions. Ive managed to assemble it, but am stuck on the pulley system, any help on this would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance
by Nuts
I have a Pacific fitness gym, Zuma. It has 5 smaller and 10 larger weights ...
I have a Pacific fitness gym, Zuma. It has 5 smaller and 10 larger weights in the stack. How much is each weight?
by Guest
Re: My wife bought a used shwinn professional 780 home gym but a...
I will get his contact info. I was told about him by an employee of a local fitness store.
by fitnessneeds
Re: Legendary Abs........does it work?
I was just googling legendary abs today...just to see if something would come up! ....Not sure I know fit for life...but I discovered Legendary Abs in Muscle and Fitness back in 1986...its been the ...
by Maria C.
Re: Home Gym Cable Repair
It doesn't take a hydraulic tool for this size, just a mechanical Nicropress tool. I doubt HD sells them, but West Marine does (sorry about the long URL): ...
by 0chas
Re: How fit are body-builders?
... a **** whether 'body-builders' are fit or not! The interest is merely academic! If I have to define fitness 'here' for 'body-builders' - well I will (I can 'copy and paste' as ...
by imported_Adrian
How to assembly legend 535 bench. Please show pic's. Can you show me some p...
How to assembly legend 535 bench. Please show pic's. Can you show me some pic's of legacy fitness legend 535 press bench.
by Daniel
Making Space And Time For Yourself
I have written quite a lot here about fixing your work out into your day, and making it happen even if you are extremely busy or have kids, even if that means multi tasking it into your day. As ...
by Sue
Re: Hi, I need a bit of help assembling the pulley system on a D...
Try finding the instructions here:
by jade
Range of motion in a wide-grip chin
Hey all, I had my gym 'induction' recently, which was really just running through what I've already been doing with a 'personal trainer,' but I've hit a problem with one of the changes he suggested. ...
by limey
Legacy International and technique pictures
Hello All, I've decided to get back into shape, hopefully like I was when I was in the Army but better. First: I have a Legacy Fitness Weight Bench WB-535 that I purchased about 5 years ago. And it ...
by Linda2
Muscle Maxx - advice please
... ut four months now but gained only 4 pounds on my skinny body of 127lbs with a height of 5'10''. My fitness instructure adviced me on getting a supplement to build some mass so I ...
by wopadfert
Re: Portable weight bench question
... s a 'portal' bench one you use in a doorway? Sorry. I have seen folding benches at a local discount fitness equipment supplier. They're not appropriate for 500 lb benching, but are a reasonable ...
by Nunikares
Re: Why cardio last?
: would be to run before doing any resistance training. If your doing both : for general fitness, just do it the way that you enjoy most. Hi James, thanks for the reply. Prejudices aside, assuming I ...
by DavidDrake
Weight training beginner info wanted
... in but i wish to build my self up. if any one has any tips about taking up weights and general good fitness. i would greatly welcome it. ...
by piesore
Re: 3 Sets or 1 to failure?
** 3x/week) It would be something less; I weight train Mon. Wed. Fri. and alternate upper/lower body. Thus in one 7 day week I do two upper body and one lower body schedules, and in the following ...
by DavidDrake
Muscle growth and FINASTERIDE
Ok, I usually ask this question on a yearly basis to see if there are > any new opinions, research, or personal experiences people may have > about the effects of Finasteride on muscle growth. > ...
by Big Blue
Re: Places to buy a power rack in NJ
Here in Bergen County, NJ, there are quite a few places. GymSource, which has a store on Route 17 S. in Paramus, is one. Another is Bergen Home Fitness, where I bought my 300 lb. Olympic weight set, ...
by freeatlast
Re: Swiss Ball Techniques/Exercis es
Not to belabor her site, but Krista has an intro page: And here's her page on ab training in general There are some ...
by paultrr
Bill Phillips/Denise Austin on Today Show
Just watched a snip of the Today Show (NBC) and caught their fitness segment. They had Bill Phillips and Denise Austin on to give some insights.......Bill Phillips (IMO) came off as much more ...
by johnfoo
Re: Physical Exam at Health Club
There are plenty of trainers/gyms that require an introductory fitness evaluation. See Watson's post. I think this is one of those things that eventually will fade into memory as a truly lousy idea.
by imported_Adrian
Re: Beginner?
Going to the gym is probably your best bet. Take advantage of their fitness trainers. Some even have personal trainers available for people who first join the gym and they'll give you one or two ...
by SpinDiva
Re: Headaches while lifting?
by pieman
On November 2, 1996, in, Alex Filippidis 'Wait till you see my 'super cream'...' 'I want it, and I want it NOW!' Lovers? You decide.
by Salamander
Protein shakes: How Often?
cross posted to Cites, please. I'd love to see the research citing that a mostly-protein and zero-to-practically no carb drink is optimal post-workout nutrition.. But you just ...
by Nunikares
Re: Power lifter question
by imported_Andrew
Re: Bumper plates DL bar lift wanted
I bought mine from dynamic fitness. Here's the link: They're in Michigan, which qualifies as midwest with me. Good service, eleiko training or competition plates ...
by piesore
Endurance inherited by Strength
I remember reading in Georgia Tech's 'Health Book' their view on weight training / fitness etc. and it was made clear that to train for endurance meant you do more reps... blah blah blah we all know ...
by imported_Andrew
Help: Protein Powder or Amino drinks and general questions
Hi, I'm more the person who is slim (66kg) and doesn't get too muscular. I do fitness training for about 1 year now. Maybe someone eith more knowledge than me can give me hints & advices ? I wonder ...
by thunderivergc
Re: Honesty is the best policy! ;o))
Now you are just being silly again, and there was me thinking that you may be willing to help some very unfortunate people, and at the same time perhaps address some of your own problems. Despite ...
by elbmod
HIT workout routine?
... er years of letting myself go, I started lifting again six weeks ago. My goals are fairly general - fitness, health and aesthetics - a longer golf game would be a nice bonus. ...
by Skyfox 56
Re: Cardio question
Short answers first: neither. 'fat burner' is an easier setting. Ignore the canned options, turn it onto 'manual' and adjust it to a setting that works for you. The 'fat burner' setting is a joke, it ...
by richk

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