I did exercise for legs in gym in morning and after evening i did my blood ...
i did exercise for legs in gym in morning and after evening i did my blood test sgpt alt and the result is above normal range 42iu/l is this because of the leg workout inmorning or any other cause
by Guest
Can i work my legs once a week very heavy thanks
can i work my legs once a week very heavy thanks
by baby herc
Re: Squats and Running
hmm...FWIW, EVERYONE I've spoken with (and that's a pretty good # of people in 10 years here) in the army has said the same thing... 'When i squat, my legs get strong, but my run slows WAY down'
by 1212
Re: Legendary Abs........does it work?
I started using it in 1987, and it works just fine.I have to admit that prior to starting it, I had been doing a 3x a week, nearly 2.5 hour ab routine from Schwartzenegger's book, so I had good abs ...
by John Russell
Re: Dumbell deadlift vs squat
The dumbbells don't have to stay in front of the legs like a barbell, so dumbbell deadlifts are really DB squats. That's not true. Barbell Squats and barbell deadlifts both involve the same major ...
by LUCIAN665
Re: Leg Press Bad?
There's your reason right there. -Scott Johnson 'Always with the excuses for small legs. People like you are why they only open the top half of caskets.' -Tommy Bowen
by freeatlast
Re: I am just starting out
If you're just starting out, I wouldn't start worrying about supplements at this point, especially if your diet is already rich with protein and complex carbs. The added protein will become an issue ...
by TexasScott
Re: Regaining muscle
Working a muscle is the only way to make it get bigger. If you work your legs, your arms are not going to get bigger.
by richk
Re: Back and biceps on different days, overtraining?
You have back and biceps on back to back days. That's not going to keep you from overtraining, that's for sure. At least switch the tues and thurs workouts. Or consider something like this. Mon: ...
by attcas
Should I train one body part a day, or...
I am thinking of changing up my routine and was thinking about moving to working out one body part a week, rather than twice (as I have been feeling really drained and wiped out, even with eating ...
by Woodgate
Re: 20 rep squats...
... y would be to use all-thread (even 1/4' should be good enough) to brace the bottoms of each pair of legs together, and ...
by piesore
Re: OT: Dont get pneumonia, it aint much fun
... e! :-) Ok, at least stop kissing me on the mouth. -Scott Johnson 'Always with the excuses for small legs. People like you are why they only open the top half of caskets.' -Tommy ...
by Lil_princess_01
Re: Dead-lifting question - a real one
By you, silly :) Read on. More than you asked for, but since I'm an evangelist for these things, here goes: When you ***** a barbell, you pick it up with an overhand grip and, at some point, you ...
by Woodgate
Re: Usual..how-to beginner questions
the repetition. Here's a good place to start reading: http://www.trygve.com/mfw_faq.html least 45 to 60 minutes each day. point where I am comfortable with most of the machines and exercises in the ...
by johnfoo
Stretches For Lower Back Pain
... hen move your right hand to grab your left ankle (or knee if you can't get to the ankle), while the legs are bent lightly (say 5 degrees).Naturally you do it the other ...
by Jake
Re: Dwain Chambers to race Kevin Levrone in LA
... an't believe he'd run 6.64 over 60 yards unless he was running blindfolded, backwards and with both legs tied together. 6.64 over 60 meters however is a ...
by wopadfert
Whats the benefit of this exercise?
I (male, 40s, body weight in low 200 lbs.) have been doing a routine in which I simultaneously deadlift a pair of 80-85 lb. dumbells and hold them in the up position for 8-10 seconds (or, on ...
by oscarferns
Strength vs Endurance Training
I'm considering starting the new year with a routine adjustment. I'm considering training my legs for endurance (Hindu Squats), rather than strength (Squats) for a while. Questions: 1. Any concerns ...
by Nunikares
Re: Hanging ab crunches- good/bad...
Feet. Well, knees actually. I tried to find those hang-boots, but couldn't, so I just grip the bar with my legs bent at the knees and crunch away. Vedran.
by Kebsis
Re: Higher weight/lower reps or vice versa?
... ys true). If your goal is strength and/or size, it's a waste of time (except, as Donovan notes, for legs). If your goal is muscular endurance, 12 or more (possibly many more, depending on the ...
by rohankrishna
Re: Temporary(?) Workout Change-Up (Watson?)
The exercises you do depend on the exercises you've got available and like to do. The reps, sets, and rests depend on what you want to accomplish. A typical scenario might be: Day 1: Push Incline ...
by breezhot
Re: Visit andro defense website and write congress!!!!
I always get a written letter back from my congresswoman when I email her. Maybe she's just especially conscientious or my commentary is very pertinant and engrossing to her staffers. I haven't ...
by Tractors
Re: Overhead squats
Chop your legs off!
by breezhot
Re: Need advice on routine to both build muscle and loose fat from an expert!
Do you deadlift? Like the benchpress. -Scott Johnson 'Always with the excuses for small legs. People like you are why they only open the top half of caskets.' -Tommy Bowen
by LUCIAN665
Yea, another one. New here so be easy, heh
Alright, first i know how to use a search function. But in this case, it is a case by case situation. First. Im a 24 year old male that lives on the beach. So naturally i want that "beach" body. I ...
by Vballmadness
Re: What would you consider a strong person?
And taller folks are screwed as well. I can't squat much, the most I've done is 5 reps of 250lbs (ow), but for a lot of athletic purposes, my legs are pretty strong. (I'm 6'2.)
by Lil_princess_01
Re: Sheiko questions
Been doing this (slightly modified) for a little over 2 weeks. It's hell but I love it. In addition to not being a good choice if you ever want to compete, you're probably getting less deltoid work, ...
by paultrr
I need a good one hour workout with weights
Any suggestions???? I am trying to get back into lifting, just to stay fit, but I am having trouble finding time. I plan to work out three days a week for about 1 hour. My problem is I can never get ...
by PR-Text-Links
Re: Plant-based foods and protein
I quote........ 'insects dusted mealworms Crickets grasshoppers How to Obtain Edible Insects Cicadas might affect the insect's taste Mealworm Chocolate Chip Cookies Ant Brood Tacos <email> ...
by calgal415
Re: Critique a beginners workout, please.
You're not targeting your traps or hamstrings anywhere...you're working three days a week regularly, right ? I would keeps the abs with each workout then try something like...this is only a ...
by paultrr
Newbie delurking for some questions about routine...
Hello, I'm new to lifting and just getting back in shape after years of, well, just plain laziness and sloth (add gluttony in there as well). In the past year or so I've taken off quite a bit of ...
by paultrr
Re: One exercise or circuits
... seems like doing some squats would be a good idea. Just doing some squats isn't going to blow your legs up if you are controlling your food intake. Or do squats bother your shoulder? Jeff out ...
by rojettafoxx
Re: Improving a throw-in
I think just answered your own question. You need bigger muscles to train specifically IMHO. Break out the nutella and marshmallow fluff sandwiches and pack on some additional mass if possible. ...
by Daejii
Re: Does pain = progress?
No. -Scott Johnson 'Always with the excuses for small legs. People like you are why they only open the top half of caskets.' -Tommy Bowen
by Glhiu728xz
Re: Milk Q
A-ha! Thanks! They made us drink 'malk' on the short bus. -Scott Johnson 'Always with the excuses for small legs. People like you are why they only open the top half of caskets.' -Tommy Bowen
by 0chas
Losing My Man Breasts
... rdiovascular exercise? The thing is cardio has really done nothing to eliminate my breasts while my legs and gut gets smaller. However I am ...
by thunderivergc
Alternate bench assistance?
Can someone suggest a fun front delt bench assistance exercise other than front/plate raises as they make my elbows feel wonky. What if I did front raises with a barbell and elbows bent at an angle? ...
by breezhot
Re: Training once a week
I also play hockey 2 or 3 times a week and am in my 30's. Currently I'm doing HST, and it integrates excellently with hockey. HST is 3 full body workouts a week, at a progressive but typically less ...
by piefdope
First steroid cycle
Hi all, I’ve been searching info and reading reviews for a lot of time. Do not want to spam, just need opinion. I am 27, 175cm, 80 kg, 12% KF, dealing for 4 years with motor sports. I need a ...
by Dave.m
Training method
My workout consit of a 5 day workout Sunday: chest, Mon. Biceps, Tues. Tri, Wed: back, Thurs: off, Fri: shoulders and legs off, Sat. will this help tone me?
by Jerry

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