Dead-lifting question - a real one
Is there any particular problem with doing straight-leg deadlifts with dumbbells versus barbells? My husband and I work out both at home and at the gym. At home we've just got an incline bench and ...
by PR-Text-Links
Headaches while lifting?
The last few sessions, I've been getting sudden sharp headaches on the heaviest of the first few sets
by Grog
Severe Headache while lifting
I get these stabbing pains in the back of my skull, on the right side, when I lift heavy. Exercises where this occurs most is the lat pulldown, benches, squats, deadlifts. I thought it might be ...
by attcas
Decreased libido and weight lifting?
Sure I'd be happy to. I'll let you know as soon as I get there. ;-)
by imported_Andrew
Lifting after Pericarditis?
What the hell kind of virus does that, Watson?
by ufojockey
My husband is 40 yes old and nose started bleeding after lifting weights wh...
My husband is 40 yes old and nose started bleeding after lifting weights why is that
by Guest
Weight lifting/ Cario
... ow many days should I spend on cardiocascular exercises, and how many days should I spend on weight lifting, or should I do a little bit of both each time I go to ...
by Kebsis
Re: Alternating heavy days and light days - why?
There are many approaches to lifting. It frankly sounds like you know enough and are interested enough in all this to dispense with the trainer and experiment on your own, or at least discuss your ...
by rojettafoxx
How fit are body-builders?
... that they appear to do little or no CV activity outside their almost obsessive concentration on the lifting of very heavy weights. ...
by FieryIce
Blood test abnormalities while weight training
Where to from here: Had a routine blood test that showed 'elevated' liver enzymes. SGOT (AST) = 55 SGPT (ALT) = 98 Doctor recommended liver ultra sound and blood panel for hepatitis. Both checked out ...
by adrewscudera
First time Test Cyp cycle
Age-26 Height-5'10" Weight-205 lbs. years lifting-7 Daily caloric intake-3750 protein intake-300 g/day I am wondering what my weekly dosage of Test Cyp should be and how many days a week should it ...
by Johnny Bravo
Re: Leg Press Bad?
As long as you're using a good foot position and not lifting your hips up and rounding your lower back at the bottom, I don't see a problem with them (ie- use good form). Ari
by breezhot
Re: How can i get in shape..?
Didn't you get an answer already? Start lifting weight and do some cardio. If you want to lose the fat, you have to burn it anyway. With weight lifting you can add (muscle)weight. Maybe some diet ...
by imported_Adrian
Re: Squats and Hernia
... e pressure gets released out your mouth and not your navel, or ****. This is very important when lifting heavy. I burst out my navel while not breathing during weighted pullups of ...
by Moriarty, MD
HST: Strategic Deconditioning and Diet.
Hi, I'm finishing my first HST cycle, most of which I was on diet. Weight loss was limited, only about 3 lbs in 8 weeks. I had few snaps in my diet. However, I definitly gained few pounds of muscles. ...
by Kebsis
Re: Why cardio last?
... aerobics workout. On the other hand, slow continuous training is not going to suffer as a result of lifting weights. ...
by Big Blue
Re: Full body workout
Massive amounts of cardio make you massively hungry for carbohydrates. Heavy lifting raises your metabolism without the need for endless pasta and rice. I still do quite a lot of endurance athletics ...
by Lindy
Re: QUESTION: Proper form in doing flat bench press
basic research) but my Bench Zen Master has convinced me that it is only the power bench lift that will save the world. So here are two articles from the archives. The first, by Bob Mann, a ...
by Chadwick
Re: 3 Sets or 1 to failure?
Rest between sets depends on your goals. Since you mentioned playing rugby, I'll assume your focus is strength and not getting any bigger, in which case I'd take longer rests. The longer you rest, ...
by attcas
OT: Dont get pneumonia, it aint much fun
I'm back from 2-1/2 days in the hospital with what we think it bacterial pneumonia. I would not wish the experience on my worst enemy, and my recovery is estimated at 4 to 6 weeks. At the moment I ...
by Daejii
Re: beginner questions
If you are lifting weights for general exercise and not to gain loads of mass and/or become a competition body builder, do what makes you comfortable. I'm usually in the gym 3 days on one off now ...
by thunderivergc
Re: Question: effect of saunas on muscles and body ?
I can only say that I started lifting when I was 64 years old, and I was worried about developing muscle soreness, which would have made it harder to make it a habit. I started with low weights and ...
by piefdope
Re: I may be stupid, but ...
... ginner, I wouldn't start trying singles very often, if at all. Give your body some time to adapt to lifting. Something that was written very recently is worth repeating : Check your ego at the door. ...
by rohankrishna
Visible abs all year long?
how long can someone stay ultra lean for? i know it's not healthy to be at a certain body fat level for too long. also, to have your abs showing, at that body fat %, how long should someone hold out ...
by pieman
Re: The ignore method dealing with pain
Oh wow. Having lifted since 24 (Okay, I got a late start, but I've been lifting for 28 years now.), and having had surgery for a ruptured disk at 29, I can tell you that, no, it shouldn't be ignored. ...
by piefdope
Whats the benefit of this exercise?
I (male, 40s, body weight in low 200 lbs.) have been doing a routine in which I simultaneously deadlift a pair of 80-85 lb. dumbells and hold them in the up position for 8-10 seconds (or, on ...
by oscarferns
Re: Lamar Gant
Resolved Question Show me another » X-ray photo of Lamar Gant's Spine!!!? For my health class we are learning about scoliosis and were talking about Lamar Gant. Can some one please give me a ...
by Howard
Re: Im using Androgel
... Schedule III, non-narcotic controlled substance. And no, you will not make noticeable gains in your lifting with Androgel or Androderm. The amount you are receiving is mere replacement. Get your uro ...
by Lindy
Re: Loose Fat or Gain Weight? What to do?
You haven't even started lifting yet. Get started and hold your weight steady for a few months. Then you can decide based on the progress you're made. No need to worry about it now, imo. Lose fat not ...
by rojettafoxx
Re: Getting ripped -- low carb diet?
mistake #1. mistake #2 egads. mistake #3 some people disagree. I'm not one of them. most people have no idea how easy it is to overdo the 'calories in' part when you are taking in starches. A little ...
by Nunikares
Re: Weird biceps question
There's also the oft mentioned phenomenon that you use your left arm for heavy lifting while your right gets the fine motor work on a daily basis. You're at the bottom of the stairs, you pick up the ...
by richk
Re: How many cc should i be starting with for my first cycle. Te...
hello, post your stats , cycle history age so on how many days a week workout how long been lifting for what your diets like that will help you get a better awnser from reasearch 400 mg seems to be a ...
by musle grower
Re: What is the best exercise for lats?
There is a trick to it, I guess. I have seen this 'Lat Pressdown or Lat Pushdown' motion performed by oldtimers many times. Their advice on form is as follows. 1) This is not a compete movement. So ...
by Chadwick
Re: Who the hell does proper squatting?
Olympic lifting.
by rojettafoxx
Re: Need advice on routine to both build muscle and loose fat from an expert!
Not if you are doing them properly, to form. A deadlift is primarily a hamstring exercise !. Quads, glutes, arms, traps, back....not so stabalizers only. Grip...I use lifting straps
by piesore
Neck, wrist clicking
Since i started lifting weights a while ago my neck clicks when i move it side to side, is this normal? also when i used to lift dumbells ages ago i overdid it and hurt my wrist, for around 6 months ...
by wopadfert
Re: 3 week break
Your body adapts to the load. If you aren't exercising, your body will not maintain the muscle mass that is required when you are lifting. However, your loss should not be too much in three weeks.
by attcas
... s. I'm 6'2', weigh 180lbs, and he has a similar body. Anyway, he has been positively militant about lifting _every day_ for at ...
by richard2
What exactly is a Superset??
In 'Joe Weider's Ultimate Bodybuilding' guide book ,it explains what a super set is but I'm so new to weight Lifting I really need for someone to give an example.I'm NOT understanding how I can 2 ...
by heetrii

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