Lower Body Power
Are there any alternatives to the barbell squat for building supreme lower body power. My knees are bad and the deep knee bend movement cannot be performed again because of them. I can do other lifts ...
by 1212
Higher weight/lower reps or vice versa?
I am not quite sure I understand the science of weightlifting yet. With higher weight and lower reps, you build more muscle than lower weights and higher reps? I keep reading and learning, but ...
by attcas
Lower back strengthening
Hello all, I am having some lower back pain due to kicking in the dojo. There is alot of twisting involved when kicking. It is like a dull ache, we have been kicking alot lately, so I think I am ...
by picton
Expectation of gains with lower CC's of Cyp injection???
Was getting 2cc's bi weekly (400Mg) of Cyp. for Low T. Made some good gains in mass & strength overall over time (6-8 months) and bulked up nicely with hard training. Had good size prior too at 6' ...
by Jimmy
Alternating heavy days and light days - why?
... re the first 3 days I lift lighter and more reps (12-15), and the second 3 days heavier weights and lower reps (6-8). What's the purpose behind this? What if I just lift heavy all the ...
by Linda2
Re: Blood test abnormalities while weight training
... t docs don't know that. If you want to make the doc happy, take a week or two off from working out, lower your protein ...
by swasta
Re: PCT For Test CYP and EQ
... finished your test take 40mg nova ed and 50mg clomid ed for the first 2 weeks and then last 2 weeks lower the nova to 20mg and clomid to 25mg if you have to snap the tabs then ...
by juiceeemachine
Re: Dumbell deadlift vs squat
... know. Yes, more stabilizers on squats. But deadlift involves more back muscles, i.e. upper. mid and lower traps. Jeff ...
by rohankrishna
Re: Leg Press Bad?
As long as you're using a good foot position and not lifting your hips up and rounding your lower back at the bottom, I don't see a problem with them (ie- use good form). Ari
by breezhot
Re: Legacy International and technique pictures
... ch it should be). Not bad, but I don't understand the emphasis on upper-body strength training over lower-body, particularly in ...
by Daejii
Re: HST: Strategic Deconditioning and Diet.
Congratulations. You're probably either overestimating your caloric needs OR you're underestimating your caloric intake. If you were at a 500 calorie a day deficit, you'd be losing more weight. First ...
by dagger29
Re: Front lat pulldowns - form question
It's probably not a good idea for folks who have unstable lower backs.
by paultrr
Re: Back and biceps on different days, overtraining?
You have back and biceps on back to back days. That's not going to keep you from overtraining, that's for sure. At least switch the tues and thurs workouts. Or consider something like this. Mon: ...
by attcas
Re: Is GNC any good?
... //www.bodybuilding.com (same prices as http://hardbodiessupplements.com) and www.supplementcentral (lower prices than the above mentioned websites). Anyone has a good site to ...
by bhatia_vishnu
Training After Surgery
... ional pain in the shin area and that area where the knee is connected. Like you when that happens I lower the weight and do more reps! That being said I have ...
by Jose Gonzalez
Re: Rigorous exercise and testosterone
They didn't specify cardio vs. resistance. I imagine lots of cardio would lower it. -Scott Johnson 'be a man ,stop looking for handouts , eat ,lift and shut your mouth' -John Carlo
by Lindy
QUESTION: Proper form in doing flat bench press
Can anyone tell me the proper form in doing a flat bench press. I have been given many different techniques and not sure which is best. Where should the feet be placed?? Some say on the floor. Others ...
by 1212
Re: Weight training beginner info wanted
Don't worry about these other clowns piesore...take a look at my post here! http://www.bodybuildersboard.com/higher-weight/lower-reps-or-vice-versa-51762.html#10 Let us know how it goes!
by TexasScott
Re: 3 Sets or 1 to failure?
** 3x/week) It would be something less; I weight train Mon. Wed. Fri. and alternate upper/lower body. Thus in one 7 day week I do two upper body and one lower body schedules, and in the following ...
by DavidDrake
Usual..how-to beginner questions
I am pretty sure this has been asked before numerous times. Pardon me for the repetition. Here is the deal - I am going to gym 3 times a week and try to spend at least 45 to 60 minutes each day. I ...
by Skyfox 56
I may be stupid, but ...
... I'm a total beginner. I've been lifting for a few weeks, following Krista's beginner two day, upper/lower split. I've been squating between ...
by paultrr
Re: Visible abs all year long?
this is all true. of course, it is easier to stay stronger, and get stronger, at higher bf levels. competitive ol'ers for example, generally work out fatter then lean out for competition. Dimas, ...
by oscarferns
Re: Pulling my shoulders back
Add some weight to the sit ups or do them on a decline bench if those are flat sit ups. Good lower back/ab strength balance. I'm sure their more too. Deadlifts also work the traps holding the ...
by Barbara South
Re: Dwain Chambers to race Kevin Levrone in LA
Does this mean he has some talent (because he can stride that quickly), or just poor running form (because he'd be better off taking longer strides at the expense of stride rate) ? The reason I ask ...
by Salamander
The ignore method dealing with pain
Back got so sore the other day, a few hours after gym on a non back day, that it felt painful in my lower back even just to walk. Everyone said go see someone, but I was smart, I just ignored it and ...
by Barbara South
2 workouts in a day - newbie qts
OK - maybe a stupid newbie question... But - yesterday morning I had one of those extremely rare occurances where I was awake at 6am and coherant enough to be social and aware enough not to drop ...
by wopadfert
Re: DL for person w/ ex-dislocating shoulder missing pec muscle?
The pec muscle won't matter. The shoulder... Well Charlie, it make me nervous about giving out advice. Be very careful with that shoulder. OTOH - the deadlift should be okay. But I suspect anykind of ...
by Big Blue
Re: Whats the benefit of this exercise?
... has a whole-body ('wholistic'?) benefit in which lots of different muscles throughout the upper and ...
by Lil_princess_01
OT; big bore handguns (John M.?)
I'm thinking about buying a Taurus Raging Bull in either .480 or 454. caliber. Probably .454 since .480 is pretty hard to get here. I practiced alot with .357 and .44 before i even thought about ...
by lakshnarayan
Injured Arm... due to creatine?
Can anyone shed any light on what what's happened to my arm? Basically there's a pain in my lower arm. The pain is on the outside, and stretches from the middle lower arm to the elbow (sorry I can't ...
by johnfoo
Strength vs Endurance Training
I'm considering starting the new year with a routine adjustment. I'm considering training my legs for endurance (Hindu Squats), rather than strength (Squats) for a while. Questions: 1. Any concerns ...
by Nunikares
Turning back the clock!
Age 55. I'm at the ten week point in my new weightlifting regimen. Prior to this I did several months of walking. Prior to that I had difficulty even walking, and health problems forced almost an ...
by Barbara South
Re: Overhead squats
Is it as simple as that, d'you think? I know I have poor flexibility and have done a lot of work in increasing it in my lower body.
by swasta
Re: Stimulating appetite?
Seemed to work for you, if that lump on the side of' your handsome face is any indication. Ooops! Sorry, that's not blubber, it's your tongue planted firmly in your cheek. :-) Isn't this the patented ...
by Moriarty, MD
Re: Need advice on routine to both build muscle and loose fat from an expert!
Personally, I'd start with something like Krista's full body routine: http://www.stumptuous.com/program1.html IMO, to get the most bang for your buck, I'd use barbell rows instead of 1-arm db rows ...
by dfstevens
Yea, another one. New here so be easy, heh
Alright, first i know how to use a search function. But in this case, it is a case by case situation. First. Im a 24 year old male that lives on the beach. So naturally i want that "beach" body. I ...
by Vballmadness
Ahoy, So recently a friend and I decided to start going to the gym to build muscle for all the usual reasons. I'm 6'2', weigh 180lbs, and he has a similar body. Anyway, he has been positively ...
by richard2
Re: Weight/Fat loss question
My $0.02 My personal experience: I recently lost a reasonable amount of weight, 30lb. I used mostly cardio at the start, and later placed more emphasis on weight training. I would recommend using ...
by freeatlast
Re: If im not working to failure...
Just to add to the previous reply that there's another fuzzier method of not working to failure. Some 'weight lifters' somehow determine when their speed has dropped to below some cut-off level. That ...
by Glhiu728xz
Re: My routine
Yeah, I noticed that. Seems to be working now. OK, just keep an eye on it. Let your pain be your guide. Don't forget that one well chosen exercise will hit lots of other things indirectly. For ...
by paultrr

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